Types of Plaques for Mounts

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As you may have already noticed, there are many different types of plaques for your mount. Search Google with “plaques for mounts” and your result will be about 1.6 million sites that have some sort of plaque you can use with your mount. Typically there are only a few design changes between them with some exceptions. View the list of styles of plaques I’ve come across for taxidermy mounts below.

European Mount Plaques

Ridge Top Taxidermy PlaqueOak Original Skull Plaque for Taxidermy

These plaques are typically installed on the wall.

European Mount Plaques with Pedestals

Cedar European Wall Mount PedestalWalnut European Wall Mount Pedestal

These plaques are known as “pedestals” because they lift the mount off the wall or off the ground for a more prominent display.

Bear Skull Plaques

Bear Skull Taxidermy Plaque

Bear plaques are usually wide near the middle top and skinnier towards the bottom.

Shoulder, Crest, & Oval Plaques

Shoulder Mount Taxidermy PlaqueCrest Taxidermy PlaquesOval Taxidermy Plaque

Shoulder mounts plaques are specifically for – surprise – shoulder mounts! Crest plaques are classy. Unlike the crest plaques, oval plaques are usually used with fish mounts because of contours of a typical fish.

Specialty Shaped Design Plaques

Arrow Taxidermy PlaqueShotgun Shell Taxidermy PlaqueRifle Shell Taxidermy PlaqueBroadhead Arrow Taxidermy PlaqueArrow Plaque

Specialty plaques are unique in that they have a unique shape that we can relate to such as a shotgun shell, broad head arrow, etc. Great if you want to stay away from the plain vanilla plaques such as the European mount plaques that people tend to use for their mounts.

In conclusion, I’m sure there are many more types of plaques for mounts but I hope this gives you a general idea of common mount plaques used for taxidermy.

6 thoughts on “Types of Plaques for Mounts

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  3. admin Post author

    There aren’t many online. What you can do is draw something out and have us make it for you in your choice of wood. We can do prefinished or raw.

  4. sean savage

    i am looking to get a couple of crest plaques for my living room that match. I was looking for a price and availability quote for the darkest color one you have pictured. it is for whitetail deer, not sure how the sizes run, but you know best for this. both are shoulder mounted and i wanted to dress them up a bit.

    thanks in advance,

    1. admin Post author

      Darkest we have in stock at this time is Walnut; however, we don’t have shoulder mount sizes for crest plaques. We do have shoulder mount plaques in walnut in stock. Due to a recent fire at our manufacturing facility we won’t be producing custom plaques until 6-12 months from now.


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